Making a Better Choice with Coracles


The common name of the round boats is as a matter of fact coracles and in the earlier times they have been used mainly for fishing in the rivers of the various parts of the world. One of the most basic facts that you need to know about the coracles is that they are considered to be the lightest boat. Due to light weight of the coracles the people could carry in their backs with ease and go fishing anytime he wants to do so. And because of the lightness of the boat you will also be able to see that rather than having part of the coracle sink, they ride on the water. This is one of the reasons why the coracles have been mainly used for fishing. The fishermen could ride the coracles without having to disturb the fishes in the water. Another advantage of the weight of the coracles is that even if there is just one person on the boat he can maneuver it on his own.

Traditionally, there are various craftsmen that made these coracles so that it would be able to suit no matter what kind of situation is at hand. For instance, the shapes of the coracles may be varied. There are shapes that are for the slow rivers and there are shapes that are best suited for a swift river. Willow rods that have been tied to the willow bark is as a matter of fact how the coracles have been built in the traditional times.

The craftsmen will also make use of an animal hide that they will coat with skin of tar. They will coat the coracles with a skin of tar so that they will be able to have a skin that is waterproof. Check out for more info about round boats.

Another reason as to why the coracles are covered with tar is because this is one way of ensuring that the round boats will be durable and will also be light as much as possible. There are others that will make use of interweaving them with use of bamboo. The bamboo will then be coated with resin and coconut oil as well. This is a way in order to ensure that the weight of the coracles has been evenly distributed. The coracles that you will see in that time had a base that is flat and they are best suited to be used in the rivers. Click here for more info!


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